eMasjid Home Receiver Mini


Not just a home receiver, our receiver can be used like any other Android device and can run all your favourite Islamic apps. Whenever your favourite Masjid start broadcasting, it’ll play automatically.

This is the mini version of our home receiver and comes with a bumper protection case which doubles as a stand and standard internal speakers.

Lifetime Licence Included

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This version of our home receiver is a 7″ tablet and comes with a bumper protection case which doubles as a stand. This contains a built in normal tablet speaker. If you require a louder speaker, you may wish to purchase our version with the Bluetooth speaker available here OR use your own separate speaker e.g. Google Mini, Alexa or other Bluetooth speaker in conjunction with this receiver.

Our home receiver allows you to listen to Masjids UK wide at home. Our receiver will start playing whenever your favourite Masjids are broadcasting, just like an analogue receiver but with digital quality.

Our receiver comes runs on Android so you can install your favourite Islamic apps to enrich your listening.

Lifetime Licence Included

Device Specifications

  • 7 inch HD screen with IPS technology
  • 2GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 32Gb Storage (Previously 16Gb)
  • Android 11 Go Operating System*
  • 2MP Front and 5MP Read Camera
  • Dolby Atmos sound with integrated speaker
  • Manufacturer: Lenovo Gen 3

Please note, specifications are subject to change. Recent price increases are due to global component shortages causing manufacturers to increase their costs to us.

*Note: as this device runs Android Go which is a stripped down version of Android, Autoplay will work correctly however, the eMasjid Live app won’t pop up when a channel autoplays. Autoplay will happen in the background however, you can still click on the eMasjid Live app whilst autoplaying to go to control playback. Our standard receiver does not have this limitation.