eMasjid App Autoplay License


Have a spare Android device? Use it as an eMasjid Live receiver with our app. Our app allows you to listen and get notified for free but to enable scanning/autoplay like a normal analogue receiver you will need a license to enable within the app.

Android ONLY. Autoplay is not available on the iPhone/iPad.

Note: This licence is NOT required for the eMasjid Live Receiver.

You will receive your login details within 24 hours.



– Licensed for life per device
– Requires Android tablet running 6.0+
– Will not work on devices without Google Play Store preinstalled (Amazon devices will not work, maybe have a look at our home device)
– Please check that your Masjid is on the eMasjid Live platform
– We can not guarantee the eMasjid Live Autoplay feature will work on any device not supplied by eMasjid Live
– You will receive your access details within 24 hours.

Some low-cost devices from China do not include appropriate licences from Google to support notifications & autoplay. Please check notifications work before ordering the licence