Hassle free online broadcasting direct to your listeners

For Muslims by Muslims

We’re a team of Muslims working to better the lives of other Muslims and to help bring Masjids to the 21st Century. Our transmitting solution allows your Masjid to automatically broadcast direct to your audiences’ devices and homes.

We’ll install our hardware solution alongside your mixer and it’ll all work seamlessly without any additional strain on your existing procedures.

Automatic online transmission

Start broadcasting to your audience automatically without the hassle of logging into a streaming app. We simply install our transmitter alongside your existing audio hardware.

No hardware changes required

We don’t change any of your existing audio hardware, we’ll simply install our transmitter alongside your audio equipment. When you start transmitting, you’ll automatically go live.

If you have an existing analogue transmitter, our new hardware will work alongside this so listeners with an analogue receiver can continue receiving transmissions

All Recorded

All your transmissions can be recorded* automatically and can be accessed in the apps and online. Your audience can listen anywhere using our website, mobile apps (available on Android, iPhone and iPad) and our proprietary home receiver.

Wish to control what you publish? We can disable automatic publishing so you can choose what is published via our online portal. Don’t wish to record? We can disable recordings too.

Our portal also allows you to assign a title to a recording or delete a recording.

*Short recordings such as Azaans will be deleted after 30 days and longer recordings after 6 months. This policy is subject to change and Masjids are free to download and host these files.